Boone is the nick name my brothers gave me when I was a kid and it stuck.  So has documenting life since my first 110 camera.

You'll find me based in Portland with my partner Paula and our bird dog Chuck, road tripping with friends, riding bikes and drinking coffee, chukar hunting in the fall and swimming at Sellwood in the summer.  

I love orchestrating photoshoots that are real and full of all those good vibes and gorgeous light.  Sometimes it's as simple as some Portra and a person.  Most of the time it's a proper production with the best humans possible.   If photos can replace words I'll use them to share honest stories of the golden slices of life, but also the in between times rich with humanity.

I'm thankful for the incredible crew and partners who help us bring ideas to life.  

Clients Include Adidas, American Express, British Columbia Automobile Association, BMW, Capital One, Chewy, Columbia Sportswear, Clif Bar, Danner, Dockers, First Interstate Bank, Howler Brothers, Intel, Keen, Master Card, Nike, Passenger, Poler, Powerbar, SAP, Stanley, The North Face, TOMS, United Nations, West Marine, XBox and others.

Need a bio for your deck? 

Boone Rodriguez is a photographer based out of Portland Oregon with over 15 years experience, awards he doesn't think matter, and a well oiled crew.  Equally at home on a stills or stills + motion set, he thrives when collaborating with his team, rolling solo, orchestrating authentic experiences to photograph, and staying curious.  He spends his free time with his pooch and partner in their camper wandering Western America, hiking the uplands of the Steens and fishing the flats of the Sian Ka'an. 

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